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Trang chủ » Netflix film om mobning: Hævnen er sød i denne tankevækkende historie

Netflix film om mobning: Hævnen er sød i denne tankevækkende historie

Den nye pige - En film om mobning

film om mobning netflix

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the issue of bullying, particularly online, and this has been reflected in the media, including in films and TV shows. Netflix has taken up the cause by producing several films dealing with the subject of bullying, including some that have become quite popular. In this article, we will take a closer look at these movies, their messages, and their impact.

The films

One of the most well-known films on this topic is “13 Reasons Why”, which has generated a lot of controversy since its release in 2017. The story revolves around a high school student named Hannah Baker, who records a series of tapes before committing suicide. The tapes detail the reasons why she took her own life, with each tape pointing the finger at a different person in her life who played a role in her decision. The series deals with many themes, including bullying, sexual assault, and suicide, and it has been praised for its frank treatment of these topics.

Another Netflix film dealing with bullying is “To the Bone”, a drama that focuses on a young woman named Ellen who is struggling with an eating disorder. Ellen is sent to a group home for treatment, where she meets a diverse group of other people dealing with similar issues. Throughout the film, Ellen has to confront her own demons and come to terms with the fact that she needs help to overcome her condition.

Finally, “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser” is a coming-of-age story that deals with the difficulties of fitting in and feeling accepted. The film centers around Sierra, a high school student who is mocked and bullied by her peers for her weight and her intelligence. One day, she begins to correspond with a boy named Jamey, who believes he is talking to a popular girl named Veronica. Sierra and Veronica hatch a plan to keep up the deception, leading to a series of comedic misadventures and unexpected revelations.

The messages

All of these films deal with the issue of bullying, but they approach it from different angles and with different messages. “13 Reasons Why” is the most controversial of the three, largely because of the way it portrays suicide. Some critics have argued that the show glamorizes suicide and sends a dangerous message to vulnerable viewers. However, others have praised the show for its realistic portrayal of the pressures and challenges that high school students face, including bullying, sexual assault, and mental health issues. The show has encouraged important conversations between parents and teens, and has sparked a number of resources and tips for those struggling with issues addressed in the series.

“To the Bone” takes a more explicit approach to the issue of eating disorders, and it has been praised for its honesty and empathy. The film shows the devastating effects of these illnesses on individuals and their families, as well as the many challenges of recovery. While the film could be triggering for some viewers, it has also been recommended as a valuable resource for people who are struggling with eating disorders or for their loved ones.

“Sierra Burgess Is a Loser” is a lighthearted comedy, but it also carries an important message about acceptance and self-esteem. The film encourages viewers to embrace their own uniqueness and to recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all definition of “popular” or “successful.” The film portrays the negative effects that bullying can have on a person’s self-image and confidence, and it shows that it is possible to overcome these challenges with the support of friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is “13 Reasons Why” appropriate for teens?

“13 Reasons Why” deals with a number of mature themes, including bullying, sexual assault, and suicide, and it is rated TV-MA. It is important for parents to consider their own child’s maturity level and to have open and honest discussions with them about some of the difficult topics portrayed in the show. There are mixed perspectives on the value and controversy about this series, some praising it for pushing open conversations about mental health and suicide others bring up the concern of glamorization.

2. Can “To the Bone” be triggering for people with eating disorders?

Being a movie that portrays the topic of eating disorders in detail, it can be triggering for some viewers. However, it has been recommended as a helpful resource for people dealing with such issues, especially by dealing with the challenges shared in the movies.

3. Is “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser” just a comedy, or does it have a serious message?

While “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser” has plenty of comedic moments, it also carries a serious message about acceptance and self-esteem. It shows how bullying can affect someone’s self-image and demonstrates the importance of self-acceptance regardless of size or intellect.

4. Do these films encourage positive behaviors in young people?

The films can be an important reference for young people with their portrayal of bullying and other issues. Parents should have open dialogues with their children to help process, and reinforce the values of respect, kindness, self-acceptance, and compassion. These discussions can provide a starting point for families to discuss issues that might be present in young people’s lives, particularly as they navigate the world of social media.


Netflix has taken up the cause against bullying by producing films that address the issue from different angles. Whether it is the frank portrayal of serious issues in “13 Reasons Why,” the honest representation of eating disorders in “To the Bone,” or the lighthearted messages of acceptance in “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser,” all three films encourage viewers to think deeply about the challenges of growing up in a world where bullying and social media are pervasive. It is hoped that the films will help to foster more positive behaviors and attitudes, particularly among younger viewers, and that they will continue to promote meaningful conversations between parents and their children about these important issues.

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